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Alaska Marijuana Task Force postpones regulation decision

Comments and discussion stretched late into the night at the borough’s first Marijuana Task Force meeting after the statewide marijuana regulations came out.

The task force received comments for hours from members of the public, all urging them to stay as close to the state regulations as possible to foster a growing industry. After deliberation, the task force postponed a decision about any local regulations until its meeting after the new year.

Task force member Dollynda Phelps proposed to postpone the discussion of permits and limitations proposed by Amy Fenske, who recently resigned from the task force. Phelps introduced a motion to do nothing additional in the borough and simply stick to the state regulations.

Task force member Paul Ostrander supported postponing the discussion of time, place and manner restrictions to allow for further discussion.

“I do think the one thing that the one role we potentially have here as...

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