Legalization: Only Half the Answer

Justin Trudeau, newly-minted Prime Minister of Canada and self-professed dabbler in pot, announced earlier this month that his Liberal Party would move ahead with plans to legalize marijuana as early as 2016. Ending prohibition was part of the party platform going into the October election and is a clear break from ex-PM Stephen Harper, who claimed (with a straight face) that marijuana was "infinitely worse" than tobacco. Once Canada goes through with full legalization, it will join a small but growing club in the Americas that includes Colorado, Washington (both the city and the state), Oregon, Alaska, and Uruguay in South America.

In both Canada and the US, increasingly large majorities back legalizing marijuana. In the States, the number now stands at 58 percent. There are many good reasons to change the archaic laws governing weed, including the relatively mild health risks and the irreparable damage done to millions of...

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