Someone’s turning traffic lights into cannabis lights

Someone in Serbia is spicing up motorists’ journeys by turning traffic lights into colourful marijuana symbols, a Serbian media outlet has claimed.

The lights were reportedly spotted at a main intersection in a small village called Ljubic, Serbia and on another set of lights further down the road.

The green light was turned into a marijuana leaf, the yellow featured the sun symbol and the red light was turned into a heart.

Local resident Andjelka Stojkovic noticed the lights and said: ‘Although I am middle-aged, all this looks sweet.

 "This was most likely a childrenís joke. The disputed symbols were removed." The spokesman added; "At first we thought stickers were placed onto the traffic lights, but when our workers arrived at the scene they found out that the author had painted the lenses of the traffic lights black and over them the symbols. "Our work team removed the lenses,</body></html>...
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