Mississippi Bans the Marijuana Policy Project

Advocates pushing to reform marijuana laws in Mississippi say they can no longer raise any funds within the state because their top executive is a convicted felon.

The Washington, DC-based Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), advocating for marijuana reform in all 50 states, say the recent announcement by the Mississippi government barring them from fundraising within the state could hamper efforts at marijuana reform there and throughout the South.

In an email sent to supporters on Monday, MPP’s Executive Director Rob Kampia explains:

The Mississippi government is saying that MPP is prohibited from raising money in that state because I’m a convicted felon.

After I was convicted for growing my own marijuana while in college, I co-founded MPP in order to repeal marijuana prohibition in all 50 states — something we can no longer do in Mississippi.

Worse yet, we’re not even allowed to raise money in Mississippi to challenge the...

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