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Hemp food touted for health benefits

Consumers have a wide selection of hemp based food and cosmetics, but regulations and scientific information have not kept up.

Commercial hemp production was not allowed for many years because it was confused with other types of cannabis, and authorities did not want products with high levels of the intoxicant tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), said Daniel Kruse of Hemp International in Germany, which sells seeds, hulled nuts, oil, cosmetics and hemp garments.

Canada lifted its ban in 1998 with a set of regulations on allowable limits of THC. The European Union also allows hemp cultivation, but there are inconsistencies across the region when it comes to THC levels in food products.

“Of all the European countries, there are only three countries that have seed regulations with limits or guidance,” he told the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance’s annual meeting held in Calgary Nov. 17-19.

“Everything else is a grey zone, much different from...

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