Fiji: Over 900 marijuana plants uprooted in early morning raid

More than 900 marijuana plants were uprooted in an early morning raid in one of the villages in Yale, Kadavu over the weekend. This was confirmed by the Police Chief of Operation Rusiate Tudravu. “Well I can confirm that our police officers are currently in operation sasamaki in the island of Kadavu have uprooted almost 9 hundred plus plants in their early morning raids in one of the villagers in the tikina of Yale so they’ll be concerntrating in the islands of Kadavu in the next few weeks in our effort to combat illegal cultivation of drugs in all areas in our 4 division” Tudravu says Operation Sasamaki has also been underway in Tukavesi in the last 3 weeks covering Buca Bay and Natewa and are now down at Savusavu. Tudravu adds these marijuana cultivators will be dealt with seriously.

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