The country passing Montana by on medical marijuana

Some have characterized the loss of the marijuana legalization initiative in Ohio as an indicator of lack of support for the issue. However, what the defeat of the initiative reveals is the intent of citizens not just to make “pot” legal, but to do it right. In fact, the lack of support for the initiative indicated an unwillingness to carry forward an exploitive model from prohibition into the legal market.

Ten investment groups were behind the Ohio initiative and were its beneficiaries. The title of the initiative called the business model a “monopoly.” We can’t know how a different model might have fared, but it has been widely reported that large numbers of those in Ohio who support legalization couldn’t support the “monopoly” created by this initiative.

Gallup polls reported in October 2015 that support for legalization has reached 58 percent nationally. Harris polls in May 2015 report support for...

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