Mexico to Hold Regional Marijuana Reform Debates

Spurred by a landmark pro-marijuana decision by its Supreme Court, Mexico has decided to move ahead with a national dispute on reforming cannabis policy.

The country will hold a series of 5 arguments across the country, from January to March, that will concentrate on marijuana-related concerns consisting of health ramifications, possible regulations, the potential for reducing drug-related violence, and whether cannabis is a human right, according to AFP News.

While Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto stays opposed to cannabis reforms of any kind, including decriminalization or legalizing MMJ, AFP reported that Nieto might be open to changing laws depending upon how the arguments go.

“I favor debate, so that professionals can offer us some indicator of where we need to be going,” Nieto said, according to the Guardian.

A majority of Mexicans continue to be opposed to legalization, according to ballot.

Regardless, a push...

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