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Alaska Marijuana committee iffy about excise taxes

Sitka’s marijuana advisory committee doesn’t want to impose excise taxes on the now-legal drug – at least, not right now. While no firm recommendations were made at a meeting earlier this week, several members spoke in support of leaving taxes off the table. 

The Committee is mulling over an excise tax on marijuana and related-products, like edibles. Excise taxes are fees levied on the process of getting the product to the store counter, generally paid to a city or municipality by a wholesaler.

The committee’s newest member, Jay Stelzenmuller, floated the idea of imposing a one percent excise tax on marijuana. He proposed the revenue generated by the tax be divvied up to pay for city administration, public marijuana education and to defray the social costs of drug abuse.

The work group seemed to like the idea of dedicating money to specific purposes but not all of his proposals were...

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