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Sierra Leone: Rastafarians Want Marijuana Decriminalized

The Rastafarian Movement in Sierra Leone yesterday presented a position paper to the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC), urging the 80-man body chaired by retired Justice Edmond Cowan to decriminalize the use of marijuana in the country.

Popular broadcaster and a member of the movement, Theophilous Sahr Gbenda, who acted as their spokesman during the presentation, said part of their position paper includes the inclusion of their religious persuasion as one of the official religions in the Country and the decriminalisation of marijuana because of its economic benefit to the government and people of Sierra Leone.

He said their members had given due consideration to, and brainstormed on the two issues before they reached a conclusion that it was erroneous and deliberate on the part of the state to have listed marijuana among harmful drugs like cocaine and heroin .

Though a secular country, Sierra Leone only recognises Christianity and Islam...

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