The Surprising State That Could Become the 24th to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Next year promises to be action-packed in a variety of ways. Americans will be electing a new president, the make-up of Congress could once again shift, and more states are likely to be placing marijuana initiatives on their ballots to expand its use medically or recreationally (or both) as Ohio recently attempted with its November 2015 proposal.

It's not hard to understand why marijuana remains such a hot-button issue. The American public has dramatically shifted how it perceives marijuana, with three national polls -- Gallup, Pew Research Center, and General Social Survey -- all suggesting that it's now viewed favorably. If we look specifically at marijuana's medicinal use, support from the public rises even further. Many independent polls imply a "favorability" in excess of 70%. Thus, it's not out of the question that residents in up to a dozen states (perhaps even more) could be voting on a marijuana proposition...

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