If Prohibition Is Not The Answer To India’s Rising Drug Problem, What Is?

t is a commonly accepted fact that drug abuse is on the rise in India. However, the true extent of the proliferation of drugs in this country will surprise many. According to estimates, there are approximately 70 million drug abusers in India. Data on drugs seizure by the Narcotics Control Bureau shows that consumption and smuggling of synthetic drugs, which are much more dangerous and addictive than natural ones, has been steadily increasing while that of natural drugs has been decreasing. Between 2009 and 2012, smuggling and consumption of cocaine and ephedrine increased by over 250% and that of morphine increased by over 500% while among natural extracts, only opium saw an increase over the same period, that too only because opium is used to manufacture heroin.

Rise Of Synthetic Drugs

The most disturbing trend, however, is that drug use, particularly synthetic drug use is skyrocketing among children....

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