What would a legal marijuana law look like in Vermont?


Vermont lawmakers signed off on four pages worth of guidelines Thursday, between now and Dec. 10, a staff attorney will turn them into a bill. The measure would allow those older than 21 to use, purchase and grow recreational marijuana. Anyone selling pot would need to be licensed by the state.

Shayne Lynn operates two of Vermont's four medical marijuana dispensaries.

"The guidelines we've seen is a really great start. For us in the medical program, the real priority is making sure the medical program survives and can work in parallel," said Lynn of Champlain Valley Dispensary.

Guidelines cover personal grow operations, retailers and potentially even pot lounges, but also spell out that landlords can say no to tenants who want to smoke inside or grow the plant on the property. Individual communities can also decide to bar commercial weed businesses.

"We have to give them that...

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