Medical marijuana law leads to unintended consequences

Elizabeth Jones is a mother of four children, including two girls, ages 2 and 3. Both girls live with their mother, but a judge in family court recently granted unsupervised weekend visits to the girls' father.

"It's his legal right. But then I question, where are my rights as a mother?" Jones said.

The girls' father has a medical marijuana card for chronic pain. Jones worries her daughters could be exposed to the drug or that their father could be impaired.

"Their safety is being compromised," Jones said. "No one is listening to me because of the lack of laws and the lack of policies."

A judge in Family Court has already ordered the girls' father not to smoke pot during visits or for 24 hours beforehand.

"He's getting two children at a very young age. That requires diaper changing, a lot of work (and) a lot of monitoring. If...

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