Columbia to legalise marijuana in order to increase exports of legal weed

One of the world's top drug producing countries, Columbia, is planning to legalise medical marijuana. The country's president Juan Manuel Santos said recently that he would sign a decree sometime this week, which would control the use, production, and export of medicinal marijuana.

Colombian officials are betting that this move could become big business as it would increase the exports of legal marijuana. Santos, who opined that there was a big demand, told the BBC, "There are already firms in Canada and the US that are using marijuana for a variety of therapeutic, medicinal treatments."

Canada, which has legalised the use of medical marijuana nationwide, allows its export and import for limited purposes. This could, for instance, include shipping unique strains to a research lab abroad or bringing in starter plants for new grows. Some US states along with a few countries such as Austria, Belgium, Canada, the...

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