Marijuana legalization supporters rally in downtown Dubuque

DUBUQUE — A couple dozen people, who support the legalization of marijuana, lined Locust Street Friday, hoping to send a message to lawmakers in Des Moines.

Carla Kaufman said, “I just want to point out the hypocrisy of cannabis being a schedule one drug. They also have a patent for it to be medicine. I don’t know how that can coexist. “

Last year, some Iowa legislators tried to legalize medicinal cannabis use, but that bill didn’t pass.

Iowa law says people can possess and use cannabis oil to treat epilepsy. But production and transportation of the oil is not legal in the state.

On Friday, some supporters said making cannabis oil legal to access in Iowa is the top priority.

Others say Iowa should legalize marijuana for recreational use. They say it’s an economic issue.

Logan Lester of Dyersville said, “Colorado has $70 million in tax revenue so far...

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