SC Medical marijuana bills poised for debate in House and Senate


Proponents for medical marijuana believe it could soon be legal in South Carolina. Bills introduced in the State House of Representatives and the State Senate last session are currently in subcommittee and are up for discussion next session. 

An Upstate woman is pushing hard for the legislation to pass which would legalize the entirety of the marijuana plant, not just the cannibidiol oil, which was legalized last year. 

Emily McSherry suffers from a genetic blood disorder which causes her seizures. She said she tried several prescription medicines to control the seizures, but side effects included depression and suicidal thoughts. She said those severely disrupted her ability to parent and function properly. 

After research, McSherry said she learned more about the benefits of medical marijuana, and was able to obtain the cannibidiol oil, which she injects using a syringe. 

"I immeditately saw a reduction in seizures,"...

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