Stephen Colbert pushes John Kasich on marijuana in Late Show interview

Stephen Colbert thinks John Kasich seems "reasonable," but apparently not in his stance on marijuana.

Colbert hosted Kasich, the Ohio governor, on Friday's episode of the "Late Show."

“I know this is a dirty word when you’re running in the Republican primary, but you seem reasonable," Colbert told Kasich. But then he pressed the GOP presidential candidate on marijuana, after a ballot initiative to legalize the drug in Ohio failed Tuesday. Kasich opposes full legalization, but said he'd be open to allowing medical marijuana if doctors called for it.

"We have a huge drug crisis in this country," Kasich said, arguing his case.

"Is that really pot, the drug crisis?" Colbert jumped in. "Lots of people are going to jail for minor drug infractions, and it ruins their entire life."

"We don't do that in Ohio, OK?" Kasich said. In Ohio, possessing small amounts of marijuana can result in a fine,...

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