Mexico Supreme Court Rules Cannabis “A Human Right”

Mexico have ruled that outlawing possession and use of cannabis represents a fundamental violation of human rights for Mexican citizens. 

Mexico’s Supreme Court voted 4-to-1 in favour of the ruling, which now gives lawmakers a very promising political case to introduce marijuana reform bills at both the state and federal level in Mexico. reports:

“It’s really a monumental case,” said Hannah Hetzer of the Drug Policy Alliance, a drug reform advocacy group, in an interview. “It was argued on human rights grounds, which is unusual, and it’s taking place in Mexico, the epicenter of some of the worst effects of the war on drugs.”

The case was brought by four members of Mexicans United for Responsible and Tolerant Consumption (the acronym SMART in Spanish), a group set up specifically to challenge laws on this issue in Mexico. Starting in 2013, theybegan filing legal arguments to be...

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