Hungary: strict punishments, legal highs in all quantities

Most commonly-used drugs


Today, among adults, cannabis is the most commonly-used drug in Hungary, particularly among teenagers. Cannabis is usually imported from the Czech Republic and the Balkans, but production within Hungary is on the rise. Alcohol with medicines comes second in the list of the most widespread drugs among those who are under 18, glue-sniffing is in third and the usage of tranquillisers/sedatives is fourth.

Next is mephedrone in fifth and amphetamines sixth. The popularity of ‘alternative’ drugs (such as sniffing glue and alcohol with medicines) stems from the fact that younger people mainly use drugs that are easier to buy legally and which are cheaper than most commonly-used drugs in Western countries.

Marijuana is the most commonly-used drug among adults, before ecstasy. Amphetamines are in third place, followed by hallucinogens. Heroin consumption almost disappeared in 2011.

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