France’s Homegrown Cannabis Culture

After decades of being treated as a sin, cannabis is becoming more mainstream in France.

In the early 1960s, France joined most of its NATO sister-states in officially legislating its U.S.-approved opinion that cannabis was a dangerous drug and should be treated as such. As though in reactionary foresight of the countercultural typhoon that would sweep over France as the decade continued, producing one of the most revolutionary societies on Earth, the French adopted the U.N.’s Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. For nearly 55 years, the sale, possession and transport of cannabis has been illegal in France, but by 2007, there were as many as 4 million cannabis smokers in the country. This year, cannabis use in France had become so prevalent that a massive pro-cannabis rally was held in the streets of Paris in May.

Much like the United States, France has had a thriving, if underground cannabis

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