Bombay Hemp Company makes products from hitherto ‘unrecognised’ fibre - The Economic Times

Inside a cluttered office in one of Lower Parel's mill compounds, seven twentysomethings are dreaming of another green revolution. They are the team that runs India's first industrial hemp startup—Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO).

Touted to be a billion-dollar industry in the West, hemp so far has received little recognition in India because it is often confused with marijuana. BOHECO's cofounders, who are all graduates of HR College, recounted several instances at conferences and farmer markets when potential consumers have confused "hemp" with "ham" or inquired about the likelihood of "getting high".

"At a conference, a man asked us if a house made from hempcrete, an alternative building material, would get him high if it caught fire," said 24-year-old cofounder Yash Kotak. Unlike a small town in Australia that runs entirely on hemp, there is little consumption of hemp in India. Locals in north India use it in their food and...

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