Six countries where Marijuana consumption is legal

Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that growing, possessing and smoking marijuana for recreation is legal under the right to freedom. The measure was approved in 4-1 vote on the five-justice panel, backing the argument that smoking marijuana is covered under the right of “free development of personality.”

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Here’s a quick look at five countries where Marijuana is legal and what the law states:

Czech Republic

Czech Republic permits possession of up to 15 grams for personal use. Marijuana for medical use on prescription has been legalised since April 2013.


According to Switzerland laws, growing marijuana on private property for personal consumption by adults is legal. However, buying or selling marijuana is a strict criminal offence and punishable by a fine.

North Korea

Surprising as it may seem, but the growth, sale and consumption of marijuana in the communist country is legal and widely unregulated...

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