Penticton marijuana club flying under the radar

PENTICTON–“All we’re doing is providing a legal product to a legal consumer.”That’s what Jukka Laurio of Penticton says about his marijuana compassion club.The club operates out of Laurio’s Rush In and Finnish Cafe.It is not licensed by the city.

“Most of [my clients] have government documents, prescription from their doctors, cards and that kind of stuff,” says Laurio.  “Those that don’t, we generally get the doctor to write what their condition is or they have [a] prescription already, and if those are the things the medicinal marijuana is used for, then we’ll sign them up.”Selling medicinal marijuana to people without a Health Canada license is something Laurio calls a “grey area” of the law.“We stay quiet, in the background.  We’re a professional business, just like any other business and we haven’t made any noise to attract [the RCMP’s] attention.“In the meantime, bylaw [officers] and police will be looking at these...

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