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Marijuana products pulled in Denver in largest pesticide recalls

Nearly 30,000 packages of marijuana-infused edibles in Colorado were recalled voluntarily in the past few days because they contain potentially dangerous pesticides that are banned for use on cannabis.

The moves represent the two largest recalls of infused pot products to date, according to the Denver Department of Environmental Health.

Gaia's Garden recalled more than 8,000 packages of infused edibles Tuesday. EdiPure owner Green Cross recalled more than 20,000 units of its popular edibles Oct. 30. Both companies — which purchase cannabis from other growers to infuse their edibles with THC — had bought marijuana trim from TruCannabis, which was the subject ofits own pesticide-related voluntary recall in mid-October.

"There's a lot of sadness that we're involved in this in any way whatsoever," Gaia's Garden managing owner Eric White said Tuesday.

Gaia's Garden bought its tainted product from TruCannabis in February, White said. Green Cross CEO Mark Smith said his company...

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