France: Illicit drug market generates € 2.3 billion in annual sales

In France, the drug market generates an annual sales of € 2.3 billion, equal to 0.117% of GDP, which means that each person spends an average of € 36 for illicit substances. This huge business is dominated by two leading products – marijuana and cocaine – which together account for over 85% of total sales. With a turnover estimated at 55 million, synthetic drugs (MDMA and amphetamines) have, however, the fourth place behind heroin. In contrast to the success they have in other European countries like the Czech Republic,the market of these substances appears to be relatively marginal in France. Data is contained in the first part of a study byInstitut National des Hautes Etudes de la sécurité et de la justice (INHESJ) that offers, for the first time, a photograph of the structure of drug trafficking in the country. The second part, which will be published in early 2016, will explore,...

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