How to get on Delaware's marijuana list

Susan Humphreys likes to say she lives a strange life.

Picture frames are glued to the walls of her Bear home. The refrigerator has a lock.

The precautions were for her son, Scott, who suffered from autism and was extremely aggressive. Scott was diagnosed with Pica as well, a persistent eating condition causing people to almost unconsciously eat non-food items such as nails and dirt.

By the time he reached 41 Scott had used over 20 antipsychotic medications and had three major surgeries to remove items he had eaten from his body.

Her son was running out of medicinal options to try, Humphreys said, so she decided to look into a more natural approach: medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana became legal in Delaware in 2011, with the state's first dispensing site opening in June. However, under the law, only people with certain conditions, such as debilitating pain, cancer, Lou Gehrig's disease, and Alzheimer's could obtain an...

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