Colombia Pushes to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Regulating products with a marijuana or coca base compliments another bill currently being debated in congress to legalize medical marijuana.

Colombia is hoping to get one step further in the legalization of medical marijuana, with the Health Ministry pushing to legalize all products that contain the narcotic as its base.

Health Minister Alejandro Gaviria said Wednesday that the ministry will expediting a decree that will regulate those medical products that contain marijuana, coca, and poppy as a base. The regulations will allow these substances to be legally cultivated, produced and commercialized under controlled conditions.

Gaviria was quick to add that the new regulations do not mean the government is legalizing medical marijuana, although that bill is currently being debated in Congress, according to Colombia Reports.

“(The decree) is about creating the possibility for a form of agro-business, that sells legal marijuana products, for example ointments, creams and oils that...

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