British And Belgian Marijuana Growers Arrested In The Marina Baja

Almost a thousand plants were confiscated from chalets in Benifato and La Nucía

A UK national and a Belgian have been arrested by the Policía Nacional following the confiscation of almost a thousand marijuana plants from two chalets in Benifato and La Nucía, in the Marina Baja area of the province of Alicante, along with sophisticated watering, ventilation and heating systems. 

The British woman, aged 44, and the Belgian man (61) have both been released on bail: neither has a previous record of any similar offences. 

The home of the British woman in Benifato was found to contain 270 marijuana plants as well as 136 grams of picked leaves, 170 grams of hashish prepared for sale and distribution, 60 viagra pills and 430 euros in cash, while the Belgian’s chalet in La Nucía was equipped with a hydroponic greenhouse inside which 640 plants were being grown. ...

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