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Want to get high abroad? There’s a travel guide for that

From Singapore: “Try wearing clothes that are marijuana related e.g. pictures of weed leaves etc.”

From Cape Town, South Africa: “I bought one bankie, and was caught by police. . . . African prisons SUX!!! So stay away from them.”

From Baghdad, Iraq: “Go up to most any civilian military contractor, at a good time, and just ask!”

For those who enjoy sampling the local grass as much as other travelers seek out regional wines or craft beers, the world has many welcoming corners.

In 2013, Uruguay became the first nation to completely legalize the drug. Several other South American nations permit small amounts of marijuana for personal use. Cannabis is allowed in licensed businesses in the Netherlands and Spain.

In the U.S., Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado and Washington, D.C., have all legalized the drug. And according to several accounts, marijuana use appears to be legal (or at least tolerated) even in...

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