Arkansas Rejects Marijuana Legalization Proposal Because of Spelling Errors

Legalize it, so long as it's spelled correctly. Like, the weed and everything pertaining to the weed. Apparently, Arkansas paid no attention to the second part. A proposal to legalize weed in Arkansas was turned down due to spelling errors and “ambiguities in text."

Arkansas Attorney General, Leslie Rutledge, said “errors of grammar, punctuation and spelling” were the reason they had to shut it down, according to the Associated Press. The proposal, which was written by Marry Berry, a resident of Summit, Arkansas, called for free use of the plant, including growing and cultivating. 

Phrases queried in the proposal by Ms Rutledge included: "Any person eighteen (18) years of age and older", to which she said the “and” should have been “or”, Russia Today reports. The phrase, “all products derived from the cannabis plant”, was declared ambiguous and said to be a can of worms for legal loopholes. 

A poll, released last week...

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