Expert: Marijuana 'wax' more addictive and dangerous


A dangerous form of marijuana is growing in popularity. 

"Wax" or "dabs" is a highly concentrated form of marijuana, and experts warn making it could be as dangerous as making methamphetamine. 

Cooked with butane, the marijuana forms a wax-like substance and can be smoked. The drug has a much more concentrated amount of THC - the element of marijuana that produces a high - as much as 40 percent more than a regular marijuana joint. 

"If you bought really quality marijuana you're probably getting 15 percent THC," said Carol Reeves with Greenville Family Partnership, a local drug prevention organization. "With wax you can get as much as a 60 percent concentration."

Experts warn one hit of "wax" contains as much THC as at least 20 marijuana joints. 


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