Another South African Joins the Constitutional Fight to Legalize Dagga

Christian Baker is a chef living in Glen Ashley, Durban North, South Africa, and is the latest member of Iqela Lentsango, the Dagga Party of South Africa, to challenge the constitutionality of dagga prohibition in the nation of 53 million.

Dagga is the South African term for cannabis, or “marijuana” in North America. It is prohibited by the Medicines and Related Substances Controlled Act of 1965, the Illicit Drugs and Trafficking Act of 1992 (which refers to it as an “undesirable dependence-producing substance”), and international drug treaties to which South Africa is a signatory.

Baker, age 23, successfully argued before the Pietermaritzburg High Court (the KwaZulu-Natal provincial court) to have his charges stayed in the lower Phoenix Magistrate’s Court (the Phoenix Township’s court) for dagga dealing and possession. He now has 60 days to present his defense to the nation’s Constitutional Court.

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