Healthcare app Figure 1 has signed up nearly half a million physicians in just over two years

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Three strategies the startup used that you can replicate

Recently, Toronto-based healthcare startup Figure 1 reached an important milestone: more than 500,000 medical professionals are now using its app, up from 150,000 users a year ago. 

Joshua Landy, Richard Penner and Gregory Levey launched Figure 1 in May 2013. Landy, a physician, came up with the idea while studying the smartphone habits of doctors at Stanford University in 2012. Shortly after, he invited Penner and Levey to join him and run the technical and business sides of the company.

Figure 1 lets physicians upload and share pictures of a brain scan or a patient case from their smartphone, so they can easily show it to colleagues or consult with other verified medical professionals. Since the launch, it’s become a hit among medical students and physicians in North America. Four out of 10 U.S. medical students use the app, and members have now collectively viewed shared images one billion...

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