Inside the hippie wonderland with the world’s largest hash market

When you think of the notorious hot spots of Europe, you most likely imagine Amsterdam with its bright flashing neon lights in the infamous red-light district and its friendly stance towards cannabis.

But have you heard of the less conspicuous green-light district? As one would expect, this isn’t a feature of Amsterdam; rather it’s located in the heart of Denmark’s capital Copenhagen.

This is a place where, despite your background, people from all walks of life come together to unwind in perhaps one of the largest communes in history. We’re talking about hippies, businessmen and outsiders — everyone.

Christiania is a stand-alone municipality not far from central Copenhagen. Not something one would expect upon visiting the seemingly perfect and orderly city.

Upon being told of the legend of Christiania, I did the very Copenhagen thing to do — I rode my bike in the company of two fellow Australian backpackers...

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