Say Amen for the Cannabis-Infused Moonshine of Ghana

Ghana, a small nation nestled between the Ivory Coast and Togo, offers a thriving nightlife and delicious, delirious drinks, but you have to know where to go. Luckily, I was visiting my American friend and her Ghanaian husband, who is a prominent member of the Ga tribe, in the capital city of Accra. He knew the town like a priest knows the Bible, and I was promised a fun night out.

Little did I know how it would end.

We started off at Republic, an upscale bar in the Osu district that’s been heralded for fancy drinks made with akpeteshie, or Ghanaian palm moonshine. Akpeteshie is strong enough to put hair on your nipples, and it’s a favorite among hardcore drinkers in Ghana, as it is cheap and extremely efficient at getting you drunk. You can purchase shots of akpeteshie in most dive bars for 50 pesuas, less than 15 cents...

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