Thai Farmers Should be Allowed to Grow Hemp

For years I’ve been an advocate of allowing Thai farmers to grow hemp. Hemp is the same plant family as pot.  Pot can get you high, hemp can’t because it doesn’t have more than a minute amount of THC.  I’m still as jazzed about allowing hemp to be grown in Thailand as I’ve ever been, but now I’ve added pot to the list.  I’ll start off articulating why pot should be allowed to be grown in Thailand, then will close with some mentions of hemp, along with some comparisons of drugs, including the world’s (and Thailand’s) most harmful group of drugs: alcoholic drinks.

I just returned from a trip to California, and what an eye opener.  When planning my trip to visit some family and friends, I wasn’t thinking about pot. I haven’t smoked pot for nearly half a century, when a high school student in Washington D.C.  At that...

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