With restrictions on medical marijuana, Brazil boycotting their future

Laws should never be made to block the access of patients to medicines

Since the beginning of colonization until the early 20th century, many Brazilians legally cultivated marijuana, including the government itself.

Uruguay, Chile, Canada, Israel, 24 US states, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Czech Republic, Spain, the Netherlands and Switzerland are examples of places in the world where it is possible to buy with relative ease medicines made of cannabis base extracts, plant or natural herb.

in These and a few more countries, any citizen who has a medical prescription can choose to try cannabis in their treatment, in its various forms of administration, according to his illness. There are millions of people who have the right to health and to free choice of treatment guaranteed by law and in practice.

In recent decades, many scientists in different countries have accepted the use of these drugs and marijuana extract as effective...

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