Police target marijuana sellers, so those are the consequences

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In your article, Mr. Kim Hale is quoted as saying that being convicted for cultivating marijuana "turns you right into a criminal, and to me, that is barbaric."  Sorry, but committing a criminal act makes you a criminal.  A conviction merely confirms it. 

Surely even under the influence of marijuana, one must agree that breaking into your house and pilfering your TV, makes that person a criminal or robbing a bank makes that person a criminal whether they are  caught and convicted or not.

Your article goes on to state that "even the United States is realizing that incarceration...doesn't solve the problem." Again I am sorry to tell you that it is still an offence in the U.S under federal law.  It is only the convoluted U.S. laws that establish the states right to enforce the penalties where some states have ceased to enforce the federal laws. 

Any research will...

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