4 Ways to Grow Your Cannabis Edibles Business

Many edible companies start small. And while “handmade” can still be a great selling point to customers, in practice it can be an impediment to the growth of your cannabis edibles business. As demand grows and your employees (and their workspace) max out in terms of production, how are you going to grow your business to capitalize on the opportunities in the edibles space?

These four tips are designed to help you grow your cannabis edibles business in a manageable and scalable manner.


1. Establish Product Consistency

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Almost every cannabis consumer has a story where their edible experience went south—fast. They ate a cookie one week and felt almost nothing; the next week, they ate the same amount and were couch-locked within 45 minutes.

The problem comes down to product consistency, specifically around the levels of THC within edibles. The best product testing will track...

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