Best Practices for Manufacturing Cannabis Concentrates

At its legal retail inception, the cannabis industry expected it would prosper with traditional flower sales, but concentrates have proven to be the industry’s dark horse and have dramatically changed the landscape for cultivators, manufacturers and retailers.

Concentrates can be consumed in their extracted form or they can be used in new intermediate product forms to infuse products such as edibles, balms and tinctures. Depending upon factors involved in the extraction method, concentrates can result in different final forms, such as hash oil, wax, shatter and crumble, among others.

Dabbing, a method of consuming concentrates, has received more play in the media than it has in the concentrates market; however, infused edibles have taken concentrates to new heights. For example, according to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division’s Annual Report for 2014, “Retail marijuana product edibles accounted for approximately 59 percent of total units of edibles sold in 2014,”...

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