The Success And Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

The success and benefits of medical marijuana. Follow up on parents whose children suffer from up to 100 epileptic seizures per day if they’re on conventional anti-convulsion medication, but have zero seizures when treated with medical marijuana (dried medical marijuana extracts, in these cases, marijuana oil).  Also, medical researcher engaged in studying the benefits of CBD, parent Alex Repetski returns and is joined by  Dr. Mac Burnham.

I’ll be the first to have a parent and a doctor or research physician on air.

Guests:  Alexander Repetski. One of the parents last Sunday.  His three year old daughter is completely free of seizures with marijuana oil.


Dr. Mac Burnham.  Professor of Pharmacology, University of Toronto, co-director of EpLink, the Epilepsy Research Program of the Ontario Brain Institute.  Evolving new therapies for treating epilepsy and particularly interested in CBD (Cannabidoil) as a possible new approach to seizure control.  Organizing clinical trial for CBD for seizures in...

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