MBABANE – A serious dagga shortage has led to three dagga farmers being killed in cold blood by a South African gang which seeks to satisfy the lucrative South African market.

Swaziland, the main supplier to the market in SA, has been hit by a serious shortage after the Royal Swaziland police (RSP) sprayed and destroyed hectares of the illegal herb, mostly in northern Hhohho.
The attackers are said to pretend to be police officers from the RSP.

A man at Herefords in the Hhohho region, Magolide Dlamini, was heavily assaulted by a gang of eight individuals as they demanded dagga from him. 
The gang, which is suspected to comprise of South Africans and a Swazi, is said to have descended on the Dlamini homestead.
Dlamini was ordered by the gang to leave the family compound at Ekuthuleni and direct them (gang) to his dagga...

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