Paraguay: Indigenous People Used as 'Drug Slaves'

 According to Paraguay’s attorney general the country’s Indigenous population is being coerced into illegal drug trafficking. ​Illegal narcotics organizations operating in East Paraguay are using the local Indigenous population as “drug slaves”, Paraguayan Attorney General Christian Roig said on Thursday. “The Indigenous peoples are used as drug slaves. With very little money they are forced to cultivate marijuana because they lack institutional support from the state. The local criminal organizations take advantage of this,” Attorney General Roig told EFE on Thursday. Paraguay is the primary producer of marijuana in South America and one of the largest suppliers in the world after Mexico. The Paraguayan official went on to blame corrupt political officials for allowing the continuation of illegal drug smuggling. RELATED: Paraguay - Marijuana Found in Boxes Tied to President’s Company “The institutions of the state are very weak, and speaking generally, police are pressured by immoral politicians that abuse their...
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