Friday Funny: Taking Selfies Officially More Dangerous Than Using Cannabis

Text "As the “selfie” has pushed its way to the forefront of popular culture — even earning recognition as an official word in the English language — it is still viewed with skepticism and is often considered dangerous for the societal egocentrism and superficiality it has come to represent. One study even found selfies are associated with higher rates of narcissism, psychopathy, and self-objectification. A new examination suggests they are dangerous in another regard: selfies are more lethal than cannabis.

Mashable’s original death-by-selfie analysis actually compared the number of people who died while taking selfies in 2015 to the number of people killed by sharks in that same period. The simple comparison found more people accidentally died while attempting to snap pictures of themselves than were killed by the notoriously dangerous fish. Mashable reported that selfies killed twelve people while sharks killed eight, though Conde Nast Traveler notes the figure...

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