That Arctic doomsday seed vault? There's backup copies of cannabis in there, too. Lots.

This week, the "doomsday seed vault" (as it's known in headlines, anyway) made the news because scientists made the first "withdrawal" from the remote arctic store. But there's another reason to be excited about the underground vault on Norway's Svalbard archipelago.

Svalbard seed vault

Svalbard seed vault

Why did they take some seeds out? According to The Crop Trust, an affiliated seed bank in Syria couldn't provide needed seeds to researchers in the Middle East because of the war in Syria. It's kind of amazing that the Aleppo field station functioned through the war as long as it did. Now that it can't, the mothership in the ice cliffs takes over.

 The Crop Trust

Photo: The Crop Trust

But there's more to be amazed about with this crazy Norwegian hidey-hole! It contains...

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