Hemp Legally Harvested in Minnesota for First Time in Over 60 Years

Minnesota hemp was legally harvested Wednesday in Minnesota for the first time in more than 60 years.

The Industrial Hemp Development Act of 2015 allowed researchers from the University of Minnesota to collect wild hemp to be studied. On Wednesday, researchers scoured the overgrown grounds of Fort Snelling for the wild cannabis.

"These belong to the same species as marijuana," Dr. George Weiblen said. "They're treated as controlled substances, by law."

Weiblen and Jonathan Wenger have been studying hemp for more than a decade.

"Until now, we have not been able to collect wild cannabis seed in the United States," Weiblen said. "Our previous work has been based on seeds that we imported from the Netherlands and Canada."

After simply sitting and growing untouched for more than 60 years, everything from the collected hemp's fiber and seeds will be studied.

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