Too High to Pie

Editor’s note: On Monday, Portland’s best new pizzeria, the old-school hip-hop-themed P.R.E.A.M., hosts a pizza-and-weed pairing dinner. We are pretty stoked—and as of our deadline, a few tickets were still available. In honor of the event, we reached out to Portland’s original cannabis columnist to provide his own pizza-and-strain pairings.

Pairings are all the rage in cannabis right now. Thanks to recent leaps in research accomplished by teams in Israel and locally, we’re learning a lot more about terpenes, the odoriferous organic compounds responsible for some of your favorite scents, such as pine, lemon and peppermint.



Fortunately, appreciation of cannabis pairings can be diverted from the curse of pinkies-up pomposity that plagues wine and even beer, partly because it’s hard to get too high and mighty about a plant that was cloaked in black lights and Marley posters just a little over...

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