Bermuda: Concerns over cannabis smoking culture

A growing number of teenaged boys and young men appearing in court have a history of smoking marijuana, according to senior magistrate Juan Wolffe.

Mr Wolffe said that he and his magistrate colleagues could “draw the inference that there is a strong nexus” between offending behaviour and marijuana over the past few years.

“This is just what I have seen in court and heard through discussions with other magistrates in both criminal and family courts — it’s not based on empirical evidence,” he added.

“It seems offenders that come before us have a history of smoking marijuana, and some of them have been smoking since they were as young as nine.”

In a frank interview with The Royal Gazette, the senior magistrate shared his observations of the drug’s impact on society, noting that he had been “disturbed” by the trend of use among young men.

“What makes it worse is...

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