Swaziland: Revisiting legislation will curb drug use

National Head of the Anti Drug Unit, Superintendent Ephraem Maphalala has said  to reduce the high rate of drug dealing in the country, the current drug legislation had to be altered.

He said the old Opium Habit Forming Drug Act of 1922, together with the United Nations Convention of 1971 only deal with cases of possession and use and stipulates a custodial sentence of five years.

Maphalala said with the money that dagga dealers would make, they soon find their way back in the business. 

The Pharmacy Act of 1929 was amended in 1983 and it stipulated a 15-year-sentence with the equivalent of E15 000 fine, for those found to be selling drugs illegally. It has been more effective since.

Maphalala said dagga dealers were making a lot of money nowadays and the minimum fines they were made to pay in court would not deter them. 

“They continue in their...

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